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8010 - Asbestos Free woven
We have now developed a NEW woven material, 8010.
8010 is manufactured to the same exacting standards as 9010 but utilising cheaper raw materials. 8010 is aptly suited for service in winches, cranes, hoists etc. It is oil and grease resistant and is suitable for operation in oil.

F01 - Asbestos Free Woven
F01 is an asbestos free woven friction material, suitable for low to medium operating temperatures. It is manufactured from solid woven cotton fabric, impregnated with special resins, to produce a brake lining, which combines strength and flexibility together with a high coefficient of friction.

LM3000 - Asbestos Free Laminated Sheets

LM3000 is a rigid non-asbestos laminate friction material of medium/high friction coefficient. It is a pressed woven material manufactured with Kevlar, brass wire and other synthetic fibres. LM3000 has excellent fade and recovery characteristics and a stable friction coefficient. LM3000 is supplied in flat and rigid forms only and ground on both working surfaces.

MR3010 - Asbestos Free Molded

MR3010 is an asbestos free semi flexible moulded material, produced in roll and strip forms only. It is ground on both sides so that either surface may be bonded. MR3010 has a medium/high coefficient of friction and exhibits excellent resistance to wear and temperature.

MR3030 - Asbestos Free Molded

MR3030 is an asbestos free semi- flexible material, which has excellent mechanical strength. This material has a medium/high coefficient of friction and exhibits excellent resistance to wear and temperature. During manufacture or after installation it may be cured further into a rigid form.


MS3020 - Asbestos Free Molded

MS3020 is an asbestos free rigid moulded friction material, having a basis of synthetic fibres and metallic particles randomly dispersed. Incorporating a mixture of special modifiers and binders results in MS3020 having excellent mechanical and friction characteristics. This material is only available in flat and rigid products.

TL GOLD - Asbestos Free Woven

TL GOLD is a super heavy-duty non-asbestos woven friction material, manufactured from finely cared yarns containing copper wire. The 3- axis construction and resins used provide a dense, tough material that exhibits superb resistance to wear, temperature and compression under load.

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